2020-21 Fellows

Dominique Dashwood

Region: San Diego

Project(s): City of Encinitas Email: ddashwood@civicspark.lgc.org Fellow Bio:
Born and raised in Encinitas, CA, Dominique feels fortunate to serve as a CivicSpark Senior Fellow in her hometown. Dominique graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Environmental Management and Protection with a focus in environmental policy and a passion for climate change issues. When living in San Luis Obispo, Dominique organized community members and student volunteers in a grassroots campaign to ban fracking and new oil wells in the county. From this experience, she gained an understanding of the value of civic engagement and an optimistic, persistent attitude towards tackling environmental issues. In her first year at the City of Encinitas, Dominique conducted Climate Action Plan (CAP) monitoring and reporting, completing the City’s first two CAP Annual Reports. She also engaged the public around the CAP goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. As a Senior Fellow, Dominique will serve in the Solid Waste Division at the City of Encinitas, supporting the City’s zero-waste initiatives and SB 1383 compliance.