[FILLED] Accelerating Housing Production

Host: California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
Openings: 1
Project Focus: Affordable Housing, Urban Planning
Skills Needed: Project Management, Research, Community Outreach, Data Analysis,

Remote or On-Site Placement

Hybrid – HCD currently operates fully remote; however, if the fellow would like to come in person there will be staff on-site. Per CivicSpark requirements, a Fellow must come into the office at least 3 times during their term.

Service Needs & Plans

The California Department of Housing and Community Development is implementing a variety of statewide initiatives to increase affordability, including affirmatively furthering fair housing, creating zoned capacity for housing, ensuring compliance with state housing laws, strategies to encourage pro-housing policies at the local level, disposition of surplus lands, and other innovative housing strategies. HCD is broadening outreach and education strategies for its jurisdictions, conducting affordable housing research and expanding its analysis of housing production statewide, expanding online hub of resources relating to planning, producing and preserving housing, and utilizing HCD funding to address housing needs. Further assistance and support is needed at the local level to address the housing crisis, as there is little staff capacity across the region due to limited resources. The overall goal of this project will be to engage directly with local governments to promote and track the implementation of innovative housing strategies that are adopted in jurisdictions in the subregion and inform policymaking at the local level related to housing planning and implementation, in line with the specific projects detailed below. The fellow will conduct outreach, provide technical assistance, support interagency coordination, conduct research and data collection, assist jurisdictions in accessing HCD funding relating to housing and infrastructure, and support policy and program development and implementation, and application preparation. Cities’ ability to access State funding programs for affordable housing is dependent upon not only adoption and HCD certification of their 6th cycle housing elements, but also in completing the implementation actions that are identified in the element, including adopting and updating local ordinances, such as zoning codes, accessory dwelling unit ordinances, emergency shelter and interim housing rules.

Project Description

HCD is a statewide leader in the formation and implementation of data-driven policies and programs to address California’s diverse housing and community challenges. Our mission is to promote safe, affordable homes and vibrant, inclusive, sustainable communities for all Californians. HCD recognizes the significant housing challenges jurisdictions face in providing adequate and affordable housing for its diverse and growing population. The role of the HCD Fellow will be to implement HCD’s programs, including Prohousing Designation program provide technical assistance to local governments on State Housing Element Law.

2. The Fellow will work with the Prohousing Designation Program team, which provides an incentive for jurisdictions to adopt “pro-housing” policies in terms of zoning and land use, accelerating timeframes, reducing development costs and offering subsidies. This program requires housing element compliance, meaning that the opportunity available to jurisdictions is anticipated during the 24-25 Fellow year. The Fellow will assist HCD in developing a regionwide strategy for helping jurisdictions to obtain the Prohousing designation, and will provide tailored technical assistance from the Prohousing team. In addition, the fellow will provide technical assistance to ensure geographic equity and promote access so that all local governments are able to benefit from the planning grants funding and technical assistance, provide support and ongoing expertise to local governments as they implement activities related to the priority policy areas and other planning efforts.

3. By providing regional tailored technical assistance to meet the unique needs of each region, our desire would be to see an increase of long-term patronships between local, regional, and state government to create a peer-to-peer learning environment, maximize resources, and leverage all fundings opportunities. Increasing capacity for local governments will facilitate housing initiatives statewide.

4.the HCD Fellow represents a forward-thinking approach to addressing the housing challenges by providing capacity assistance to allow jurisdictions apply and receive tailored technical assistance when applying to HCD funding programs.

Desired Skills

The ideal Fellow will have previous work experience with research, data collection and evaluation, and collaborating with multiple stakeholders. Additional key skills include strong written and verbal communication abilities, flexibility, and initiative.

Organization & Workplace Highlights

HCD upholds the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which includes being committed to fostering an environment in which employees from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences feel welcomed and can thrive. Staff are respectful of differences, treat other with respect, encourage others to participate, foster innovations, and stay committed to all DEI efforts in the workplace. At HCD you are a valued member of the Department’s team. You will work cooperatively with team members and others to enable the Department to provide the highest level of service possible. Your creativity and ingenuity are encouraged. Your efforts to maintain regular attendance and treat others fairly, honestly, and with respect will contribute to the success of the Department’s mission and professional development

Community Highlights

HCD serves every jurisdiction in the State of California. Our main office is located in Sacramento, which is close to famous California getaways, and it’s also home to a multitude of different geographic landscapes from green farmlands, distant mountains, and beautiful rivers. The fellow will have the opportunity to interact with staff in different departments and get to know the housing analysts, learning what the state government is doing to addressing local governments address disproportionate needs.

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