[FILLED] Advance Equity at Regional Planning Agency

Host: Metropolitan Transportation Commission
Openings: 1
Project Focus: Affordable Housing, Climate Adaptation (e.g., sea level rise planning, environmental justice, climate migration planning), Climate Mitigation, Energy Efficiency, Transportation / Mobility, Urban Planning
Skills Needed: Community Engagement, Project Management, Environmental Justice, Graphic Design,

Remote or On-Site Placement

Hybrid – Currently we operate with a 2-day in-person / 3-day remote work week guidance (not mandate). We expect that to continue for next year.

Service Needs & Plans

The fellow will join the Metropolitan Transportation Commission‘s (MTC) Access, Culture, and Racial Equity (ACRE) office to advance a diverse array of initiatives and skills spanning public engagement, event planning, research, public speaking, and project management.

Specific projects include conducting public programming related to equity, and being provided the resources to serve as an internal agency consultant on issues related to race, gender, disability, and belonging.

Project Description

MetroTalks – Advancing Equity and Inclusion in Regional Planning

1. Overarching Goals of the Project:
The primary goal of MetroTalks is to engage and inform our neighbors and community members about the essential work of the MTC in long-term regional planning. Through these public programming events, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of equitable and inclusive urban development strategies. Key objectives include:

  • Educating the public about MTC’s role in regional planning and transportation policy.
  • Highlighting the significance of equity and inclusion in shaping resilient and sustainable communities.
  • Fostering dialogue and collaboration between MTC and community stakeholders to address local challenges and opportunities.

2. Role of the Fellow in the Project
The Fellow will play a crucial role in coordinating and executing the MetroTalks series. Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with MTC staff to develop event themes and programming content centered around advancing equity and inclusion.
  • Identifying and securing speakers from diverse backgrounds and expertise to contribute to panel discussions, workshops, and presentations.
  • Promoting events through various channels to ensure broad community participation and engagement.
  • Facilitating discussions and activities during events to encourage active participation and dialogue among attendees.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of each event and gathering feedback for continuous improvement.

3. Desired Project Outcomes in Terms of Resources Developed
Through MetroTalks, we aim to develop a range of resources to support our agency’s capacity-building efforts and further advance equity and inclusion in regional planning. These resources include:

  • Comprehensive event reports summarizing key insights, discussions, and recommendations from each MetroTalks session.
  • Action plans outlining specific strategies and initiatives to address equity and inclusion challenges identified during the events.
  • Networks of stakeholders and community partners committed to collaborating with MTC on future projects and initiatives.
  • Educational materials and toolkits designed to empower community members with the knowledge and skills to advocate for equitable and inclusive urban development policies.

4. How These Resources Will Help Increase the Agency’s Capacity to Address Resilience Challenges
By leveraging the insights and recommendations generated through MetroTalks, MTC will enhance its capacity to address resilience challenges by:

  • Incorporating equity and inclusion principles into regional planning processes and decision-making.
  • Strengthening partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders to co-create solutions that reflect the needs and priorities of diverse populations.
  • Building a more resilient and adaptive transportation infrastructure that promotes social equity, economic opportunity, and environmental sustainability.
  • Empowering communities to actively participate in the planning and implementation of resilience strategies, fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility.

Overall, MetroTalks will serve as a platform for advancing equity and inclusion in regional planning, ultimately contributing to the resilience and sustainability of our communities.

Desired Skills

Strong Communication Skills: The ability to effectively communicate ideas, both verbally and in writing, is essential. This includes the capacity to articulate complex concepts clearly and concisely to various audiences.

Collaborative Spirit: We seek candidates who thrive in collaborative environments and demonstrate a willingness to work effectively as part of a team. Collaboration fosters innovation and drives collective success.

Project Management: Strong organizational and project management skills are highly valued. The ability to plan, prioritize, and execute tasks efficiently ensures successful project outcomes.

Cultural Competency: Given the diverse communities we serve, cultural competency is essential. A Fellow should demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Innovative Thinking: We are looking for candidates who demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking. The ability to generate new ideas, approach challenges from different angles, and propose innovative solutions is highly valued.

Commitment to Equity and Inclusion: A strong commitment to equity is fundamental. Candidates should demonstrate a dedication to advancing equity and promoting social justice in their work.

Organization & Workplace Highlights

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) stands as a cornerstone of urban development and transportation policy in the vibrant city of San Francisco, CA. Nestled within a world-class LEED-certified facility, our workplace embodies a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence.

At MTC, employees thrive within a dynamic and collaborative environment where professional peers are at the top of their respective fields. Our team is comprised of experts who are passionate about addressing the complex challenges of regional transportation planning with creativity, dedication, and foresight.

Workplace Culture and Environment:
Our workplace culture fosters creativity, collaboration, and inclusivity. We believe in the power of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, recognizing that our differences enrich our collective understanding and drive innovation. Employees at MTC enjoy a supportive and inclusive work environment where every voice is valued and respected.

Within our LEED-certified facility, we prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to green building practices not only reflects our values but also provides employees with a healthy and inspiring workspace that promotes well-being and productivity.

Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:
MTC is deeply committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in all aspects of our work. We recognize that transportation plays a crucial role in shaping access to opportunities and quality of life for communities across the region. As such, we strive to ensure that our policies and initiatives prioritize equity and promote social justice.

Through targeted outreach, engagement, and inclusive decision-making processes, we actively seek to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and address historical inequities in transportation infrastructure and services. Our commitment to JEDI is not just a statement but a guiding principle that informs everything we do.

Professional Development Experience:
Serving with MTC offers a unique and rewarding professional development experience. As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in cutting-edge transportation planning and policy initiatives that have a tangible impact on communities throughout the region.
  • Collaborate with top-tier professionals who are leaders in their fields, fostering learning, growth, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Gain exposure to a diverse range of projects and challenges, allowing you to broaden your skill set and deepen your expertise.
  • Contribute to a culture of innovation and excellence, where your ideas and contributions are valued and supported.

Joining MTC means becoming a part of a mission-driven organization dedicated to building a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient future for all.

Community Highlights

The San Francisco Bay Area, served by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), is a vibrant tapestry of diversity, innovation, and opportunity. Spanning from the tech hub of Silicon Valley to the cultural melting pot of San Francisco and beyond, our region is a dynamic mosaic of cultures, languages, and perspectives.

In the Bay Area, hundreds of languages are spoken, reflecting the rich tapestry of immigrant communities from around the globe. From the bustling streets of Chinatown to the colorful murals of the Mission District, each neighborhood tells its own unique story, weaving together the fabric of our shared identity.

What makes the Bay Area an interesting place to live and work is its unparalleled blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural vibrancy. As the epicenter of technological innovation, our region attracts some of the brightest minds from around the world, driving breakthroughs in science, technology, and the arts.

Beyond its economic prowess, the Bay Area is renowned for its natural beauty, with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, rolling hills, and lush forests just a short drive away. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore miles of hiking trails, scenic beaches, and picturesque vineyards, making it a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers alike.

Moreover, the Bay Area boasts a diverse array of culinary delights, from Michelin-starred restaurants to local food trucks serving up global flavors. Whether you’re craving authentic dim sum, farm-to-table cuisine, or artisanal ice cream, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds in every corner of the region.

At MTC, we are privileged to serve these diverse and innovative communities, working tirelessly to enhance transportation infrastructure, promote accessibility, and foster equitable access to opportunities for all residents. As a Fellow with MTC, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the Bay Area, learning from its vibrant communities and contributing to its continued growth and prosperity. Join us in shaping the future of transportation in one of the most dynamic and opportunity-rich regions on earth.

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