Climate Resiliency in Placer County

Host: Placer County Community Development Resource Agency (CDRA)
Openings: 1
Project Focus: Climate Adaptation (e.g., sea level rise planning, environmental justice, climate migration planning), Climate Mitigation, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure Development, including Broadband, Renewable Energy, Transportation / Mobility, Urban Planning
Skills Needed: Community Engagement, Public Speaking, Data Collection, Technical Writing,

Remote or On-Site Placement

Hybrid – Fellow will be required to work 3 days a week in the office located in Auburn, CA.

Service Needs & Plans

The Climate Fellowship position would bring much-needed capacity focusing on development and implementation of programs in the Placer County Sustainability Plan including implementation and development of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs and climate adaptation strategies (i.e., wildfire, extreme weather events, drought) throughout their tenure.

Project Description

This position would focus on development and implementation of programs in the Placer County Sustainability Plan. This position would implement five to seven greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measures and climate adaptation strategies throughout their tenure, including the following:

Implement key GHG reduction programs within the Placer County Sustainability Plan. Work efforts would include:

  • Assist County staff with an update to the County’s GHG Emissions Inventory and prepare a report summarizing the key findings of the inventory. Learn how to utilize State guidance and quantification tools.
  • Work with County Staff and Stakeholders on the development of a local GHG offset program that supports and funds programs and projects that demonstrate locally sustained GHG emissions reductions and climate adaptation. Increase networking skills by conducting meetings and presentations.
  • Research incentives and other resources to support and promote EV participation, renewable energy generation, battery storage, and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Launch a public outreach and education campaign to increase awareness and resources on energy efficiency, alternative transportation modes, reducing waste, and other GHG reduction efforts.

Implement key climate adaption strategies in Placer County Sustainability Plan. Integrate the results and adaptive policies of the climate vulnerability assessment into County planning documents, including the General Plan Safety Element, zoning ordinance, building code, and other relevant efforts. Work efforts would include:

  • Assist with the development of programs for wildfire protection such as biomass and fuel reduction programs.
  • Work with County staff and Stakeholder to update the County’s General Plan by researching guiding policies and principles and engaging in outreach activities.
  • Coordinate climate resiliency efforts with the California Tahoe Conservancy, Capital Region Climate Readiness Collaborative, the Sierra Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Partnership to assess climate change impacts and to develop and implement strategies.
  • Coordinate resiliency efforts with Placer County Resource Conservation District and Placer County Fire Safe Alliance to identify projects and promote programs to reduce wildfire risk.

The fellow may gain additional experience by utilizing various resources including: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), CalEEMod, Cool California, ICLEI, and the California Natural Resources Agency documents, Implementation Action Plans and Climate Adaptation Planning Guide.

The proposed tasks for the 2024-2025 climate fellow will assist the County by documenting the County’s progress towards achieving its climate goals as outlined in the Placer County Sustainability Plan and to build a more resilient community.

Desired Skills

Additional skills and traits preferred include ability to write reports and summarize findings, ability to communicate effectively with members of the community as well as staff, ability to problem solve complex tasks.

Organization & Workplace Highlights

Placer County operates as a local government agency in northern California, dedicated to serving its residents with a commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our workplace culture fosters collaboration, innovation, and respect, creating an environment where employees, volunteers, and fellows can thrive and contribute meaningfully to their community. As an organization, we prioritize initiatives that promote fairness, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of our operations.

Joining Placer County offers professionals an enriching professional development experience. Employees have the opportunity to work alongside dedicated colleagues, gain valuable skills, and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Our agency provides numerous avenues for growth and advancement, including training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career advancement pathways. Serving with Placer County not only allows individuals to contribute to the betterment of their community but also offers a supportive and inclusive environment for personal and professional growth.

Community Highlights

Placer County, nestled in California’s Sierra Nevada and Gold Country regions, serves a diverse and vibrant community that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, economic opportunities, and cultural richness. From the stunning landscapes of Lake Tahoe to the historic charm of Auburn and Roseville’s bustling city life, Placer County provides residents with an array of attractions and amenities.

With its proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, skiing, and water sports, Placer County attracts outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Additionally, the region boasts a thriving economy driven by sectors like technology, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism, offering ample job opportunities and a dynamic business environment.

Placer County is renowned for its commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community, with initiatives promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Residents benefit from a strong sense of community, access to quality education, healthcare services, and a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Overall, Placer County provides an enriching and fulfilling environment for both living and working, with its combination of natural beauty, economic prosperity, and a supportive community making it an enticing destination for individuals seeking a high quality of life.

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