[FILLED] Climate Action Plan Implementation and Tracking

Host: City of Richmond
Openings: 2
Project Focus: Climate Mitigation, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Waste Management
Skills Needed: Community Engagement, Project Management, Data Analysis, GIS Mapping,

Remote or On-Site Placement

Hybrid – Fellows can serve one day remote, with 4 days in office.

Service Needs & Plans

The City of Richmond’s Environmental and Health Division would be the supervising Division. There is currently one full-time employee in the Division; they would supervise the fellows and provide direction on projects.

Climate change presents the City of Richmond with complex challenges and tremendous opportunities. The City is committed to creating a healthy, equitable community for all of its residents. This CivicSpark project to continue to implement the Richmond Climate Action Plan (CAP) will address environmental, social and economic issues related to climate change such as extreme weather events, sea level rise, drought, and heat waves.

Project Description

Our principal focus for this position is the implementation of the Climate Action Plan. The fellow will continue the development and implementation of the City’s open data initiative, low-income solar program, and zero-waste programs. Additionally, the Fellow will support on updates to the CAP and update the GHG emission inventory. Without the fellows, this work could not be completed.

Desired Skills

The ideal Fellow will be self-driven and excited about how automation and excellent data management can drive organizational results, as well as have great communication skills and experience and interest in working with diverse populations. They should also have knowledge of public policy and smart governance, climate change, community resilience, and adaptation strategies. Some preferred, but not required, qualities and experiences include the ability to draft and edit technical reports, experience and coursework in statistics, graphic design and understanding of how to clearly present and communicate information, and experience or a strong interest in working with Excel, SQL, Python, GIS, or Google Earth Engine.

Organization & Workplace Highlights

The City of Richmond is an open and friendly work environment that will push the fellows outside of their comfort zone to learn and grow professionally. Many City staff members have once been interns or AmeriCorps fellows and are open to teaching others. The City invites and encourages fellows to attend conferences, regional meetings, training, and help connect fellows to informational interviews. The Environmental Initiatives Division practices radical candor and strive to be good mentors, challenge each other, and discuss ideas openly and freely. The City of Richmond may be the only city in the CivicSpark program to have had four fellows stay for two program years as Senior CivicSpark Fellows.

Community Highlights

The City of Richmond is home to diverse neighborhoods, intermodal transit hubs, pristine marinas, shopping, recreational and cultural amenities, and 32 miles of trail-lined shoreline. This all contributes to making Richmond among the most desirable up-and-coming communities in California. Some of Richmond’s highlight’s include great beaches, hiking trails, and delicious food.

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