[FILLED] Wastewater Needs Assessment

Host: State Water Resources Control Board – DWQ
Openings: 1
Project Focus: Climate Adaptation (e.g., sea level rise planning, environmental justice, climate migration planning), Disaster Response and Preparedness / Emergency Management (e.g., flood prevention, wildfire prevention, coastal protection), Infrastructure Development – including Broadband, Public Health, Waste Management, Water Management, Water Policy
Skills Needed: Project Management, Research, Data Analysis, water quality education training or experience,

Remote or On-Site Placement

Hybrid – Ability to participate in a routine schedule, during normal work week hours, within a hybrid work environment (e.g., some internal schedule M-F between 8:00 am-5:30 pm with 2 days in the office and 3 days remote per week).

Service Needs & Plans

-The fellow would have the opportunity to work directly with Water Board leadership, public, Regional Water Quality Control Board subject matter experts, and local city/county governments to help achieve Californian’s equitable access to sanitation.
-The Wastewater Needs Assessment is designed to gather information and support California’s most vulnerable communities address inadequate sanitation where impacts due to failing sanitation infrastructure are significant due to system age, increasing costs for repairs or replacements, and need increasing in frequency due to sea level rise, inland flooding, and wildfires.

Project Description

The Wastewater Needs Assessment is a 4-year project to assess wastewater needs, gaps, and available data for the state of California. Specifically, the fellow will gain experience in working first-hand for a state agency (the Water Boards), project management, working in diverse teams, meeting preparation and facilitation, and technical expertise in domestic wastewater planning, collection, treatment, and disposal in the context of protecting human health and water quality.
Anticipated Deliverables: public webpage updates and associated documents, produce technical research or issue paper summaries on gaps in equity or wastewater sanitation systems information, and geographic information system and data development and analysis.

Desired Skills

Excellent Time management, data analysis skills involving geographic information systems, data visualization programs such as Power Bl, Tableau, R, and/or environmental statistics. Background/passion for community/stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Background in domestic wastewater (e.g., wastewater planning, permitting, treatment design, disposal to land or surface water, funding).

Organization & Workplace Highlights

The Water Boards are an equal opportunity employer, value diversity at all levels of the organization, and are committed to fostering an environment in which staff from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and personal experiences are welcomed and can thrive. The diversity of staff and unique ideas inspire innovative solutions to further the Water Boards mission to preserve, enhance and restore the quality of California’s water resources. Staff at the Water Boards are integral to preserving California’s water resources, protecting the environment and public health, and ensuring equitable, appropriate, and efficient allocations for current and future use.

Community Highlights

The Water Boards are committed to socially inclusive engagement with those we serve in the decision-making processes, including but not limited to, potentially affected communities, stakeholders such as industry and environmental groups, California Native American Tribes, and the public regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or income. Working for the Water Boards is a unique experience to see how water decisions are made in California though a dynamic blend of regulations, protections, and priorities that come quickly based on current needs and are built over decades and the direct potential impacts/benefits to Californians.

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