Kate Meis

Staff Bio

Kate-CS-PhotoKate Meis is the Executive Director of the Local Government Commission (LGC). Kate is a champion for local governments, a recognized leader in local climate change adaptation, mitigation and clean energy efforts, and an ardent coalition builder. Kate is driven by the belief that given the right tools and partners people will innovate to improve their communities and respond to pressing challenges. She has found tremendous inspiration working with local government leaders across the state and nation who are testing new programs and policies that can be scaled up (to state or national levels) and scaled out to other communities.

Kate has professional experience in both creating and implementing cutting edge climate change and energy programs, policies and projects. Kate has worked with Local Government Commission since 2006. Before coming to the LGC, Kate conducted research for the UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Transportation Alternatives of Marin, 4-H Center for Youth Development, and the University of California Cooperative Extension. She obtained a Masters of Science degree in Community and Regional Development from the University of California, Davis, and has a Sociology Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Sonoma.