Partnership Opportunities

The Partner Application for the TQT 2024 Service Year is now open!

CivicSpark is a national service program implemented by the CivicWell (formerly the Local Government Commission), dedicated to supporting organizations and local public agencies to address community resilience issues such as climate change, water resource management, housing, and mobility. Starting in 2022, CivicSpark now operates in the three western states of California, Colorado, and Washington.

Partnership Details

CivicSpark follows strict requirements regarding the projects and partners we can support.

  • Fellows cannot be placed at for-profit organizations.
  • Fellows must implement projects or initiatives with a clear scope of work designed to build organizational capacity.
  • Partners must agree to follow all AmeriCorps requirements (see here for more information)



Engagement & Planning



And More!

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Core Activities

All CivicSpark Fellows provide support through 4 core activities:

  • Gap Assessments: Fellows interview public agency staff and review key documents to determine current needs and work with Site Supervisors to finalize their project scope.
  • Service Projects: Fellows conduct a specific research, planning, or implementation project based on the gap assessment results.
  • Volunteer Engagement: Fellows establish new volunteer programs or enhance pre-existing programs to engage community members in resilience efforts.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Fellows sustain progress beyond their service year by training staff or sharing results of their projects with key stakeholders.

How have Fellows supported community resilience projects? Hear from our Partners!

Feel free to contact Bill Sadler at to discuss any additional questions.

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